Training Ranch

Hunting dog training ranch Big Sky Kennels

ideal Training facility

 Located in 10 miles outside of Grand Forks, in the Rye township, Big Sky Kennels hunting dog training operates a private gun dog training ranch with various natural upland cover terrains and many water hole locations, ideal for dog training.   Equipped with remote activated mechanical throwers, the prairie land ranch is designed for all training sets needed for each training phase. 

Hunting dog training retrieval from water

About the ranch

Our training ranch is 150 acres of natural grasslands and cattail slews, established to attract natural wildlife.  The acreage provides ideal “sets” for the positive training process. The varying cover heights and conditions, cattail slews, and nearby lakes provide for the complete assortment of waterfowl training sets needed to train waterfowl gun dogs.  The ranch lies in a rural setting near a Federal waterfowl refuge, attracting the migration of waterfowl.  The dogs are safe from hazards of traffic or adjacent land conflicts while being introduced to a wide variety of game birds.

Hunting dog training real birds

Real hunting experience

We raise our chukars, quail, and ducks for the sole purpose of live prey use for dog training.  Pheasants and pigeons are also available for training. Remote bird launchers are used to realistically simulate wing shooting, approach shots, memory blinds and many other perforce skills desired in the well-trained happy gun dog.