Training Fees & Our Guarantee

finished gun dog training fee

our guarantee

Dogs purchased at Big Sky Kennels are guaranteed to perform skills consistent with the phase of training they have reached. The purchaser of each new pup will receive one-on-one handler training at the Big Sky Gun Dog Training Ranch. 

If for any reason the pup will not react accordingly within a few months of the handler purchase, Big Sky Kennels will offer additional one-on-one training in the field, free of charge.  Any customer is welcome to come back periodically to refresh their field partnership with the dog at the training ranch through the life of the dog.

Pups are guaranteed for solid health. Hips, elbows, and eyes should be tested after two years of age,  and should a certified veterinarian report show a problem, the pup can be returned for a replacement pup or your money back. This absolute guarantee also extends to covering aggressive behavior. There will be no tolerance of a dog that growls, bears teeth, or bites a human or another dog unprovoked. 

hunting dog training fee

Training Fee

A monthly training fee of $725 for well-bred pups from Oahe Kennels or  Diamond J Kennels. The owner must supply all needed medication. An extra bird charge will be assessed for dogs that require more than 20 birds for their program.

Big Sky Kennels are willing to take on dogs with training issues, such as bad habits formed.  This would be on a case-by-case situation, after assessing the dog, and training fees would be at a higher rate. 

continued gun dog training

Ongoing Training

Customers who have had their dogs trained by Big Sky Kennels, or have purchased dogs from Big Sky Kennels are welcome to return to the training ranch for refreshment of training drills taught to their dogs after completing the program. 

Owners are provided with instruction of training drills to use to keep their dogs on top shape, once the dogs have completed their training package. Big Sky Kennels trains the handler so you have continued success and satisfaction with your canine partner(s).