Performance Expectations

good hunting dog training methods

Imagine a dog with strong hunting drive hot on the trail of a running rooster. All of a sudden he stops, just as he was instructed to do when signaled to wait for the handler to catch up. Then, once signaled to proceed by the handler, he quickly picks up the trail again. The flushed bird is downed within gun range and instantly, the trained dog retrieves the bird directly returning it to handler.

Another dog runs out into the field, sent out on a 100-yard blind retrieval mission. As they drift off course due to a strong cross wind, they are signaled to stop by the handler and signaled to turn into the approximate direction of the fall, where they find the hidden bird using their natural hunting senses.

friendly hunting gun dog training

Family-Friendly Hunting Dogs

 Big Sky Kennel has been training British labs and spaniels to perform with these expectations while maintaining gentle temperaments.  The dog’s strong hunting drive in the field can be matched with obedient temperaments creating a highly responsive hunting partner and loyal companion. Our started gun dogs are family-friendly, known to curl up with the kids on the couch to calmly watch a movie, or go boat fishing like any other member of the family.  

hunting gun dogs good breeding

Superior Breeding

 The key of this skilled training is selective breeding programs (parents carefully chosen through field trials for biddable temperaments matched with natural hunting talent) by breeders with superior standards like Ohae Kennels and Diamond J Kennels. Good breeding coupled with stern yet loving training processes create amazing started gun dogs.